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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Many thanks to Promoting Trafford for featuring us in their blog!

How Lockdown Helped One Altrincham Business to Change

Many businesses have been able to reflect and review things during lockdown, adapting to change in priorities or opportunities that come their way. Steven and Gareth from VH Interiors are based in Altrincham, with their vintage furniture and interiors shop The Hive located on Grosvenor Road. They shared some of their thoughts around how the last few months have been for them, how they’ve made changes to their business and are looking forward to the future. VH Interiors began trading at Altrincham Market in August 2015 and the support from the local residents, the out of town visitors and the fellow independent business owners in Altrincham has always been amazing. But the past few months have really shown us what a fabulous community Altrincham has, we’ve all supported each other morally and financially during lockdown.  Re-Opening The Hive Safely In order to re-open safely, we have adapted The Hive to follow Covid Secure guidelines. We strictly monitor the number of people in the shop at once, we have automated hand sanitiser stations at the entrance and the till area of the shop (which we request all customers to use), and we also clean certain “hot zones” including the card reader after each interaction. Taking Control of Our Lives One good thing we took from Covid-19 is that it reminded us why we set up our business. It was to take control of our lives and spend more time together.  So we made the decision in April not to return to Altrincham Market full time but to focus on The Hive together. You’ll now find us at our shop 5 days a week, every Tuesday-Friday between 11am-5pm and 9am-5pm on Saturdays. We’re excited to see what the future holds, of being able to spend more time together and helping our customers to find just the right item for their home or commercial property.

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