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Shop for antique cream coloured jam and Marmalade pot at The Hive by VH Interiors in Altrincham, Greater Manchester

Antique jam / Marmalade pot


These antique pots were made to store jam r marmalade in them. They would have usually been sealed with a paper lid and string.



These beautiful pots make great decorative pieces and can be used as small plant pots, stationary holders or utensil holders, amongst other uses.



Some of the pots have beautiful lettering embossed underneath too. For the pots that do have this detail on the base, we have attached a photo for you to see.



All of the pots have been washed but some staining and dirt remain from years of being buried underground. This only adds to the history and charm.



Measurements (All approx)


Height- 13.5cm

Width- 10cm

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