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Nepali Pure Herb Incense Ropes, used in temples - The Hive by VH Interiors Altrincham, Greater Manchester

Herbal rope incense


These Nepali Pure Herb Incense Ropes are made up of herbs that are found in the high Himalayas.


They are used in Stupas, Temples and drawing rooms for aromatic ambience.


These incense ropes are sold in a very generous pack of 50 ropes and every single one of them is made by hand. The process involves bundling the natural herbs in a special hand prepared rice paper, then rolling and twisting it into a small rope-like braided form.


The rope should be burnt in a marble or metal dish, or on a special stand (Sold seperately)


They are available in three various scents:


Himalayan Cedar (Cedarwood extract, herbs)

Spikenard (spikenard plant, clove, white & red sandalwood, herbs)

Sandalwood (Sandalwood, clove, cinnamon, saldup, herbs)


One bundle contains 50 incense ropes, 11cm long each.

The burning time per rope is approx 15min.


Our postage is calculated on weight so please feel free to purchase multiple incense ropes or a stand at no extra cost.

*Stands may vary in style slightly from that pictured

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