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Eco-friendly exfoliating wood body brush, with natural hog bristle  - The Hive by VH Interiors Altrincham, Greater Manchester

Wooden body brush


This brush is made of natural hog bristles and waxed wood. 

It is designed to be used for dry body brushing which helps improve circulation and skin tone. 


Dry brushing is an ancient technique that improves circulation throughout the body and exfoliates the top layer of skin for a brighter, firmer surface all over.

The natural bristles on our dry brush are soft to the touch and move easily across the body without any harshness.

Our brush can be used across the entire body including arms, legs, and torso.


To use, simply dry brush with even pressure all over your body to exfoliate. Wash afterwards with a gentle body wash and always finish with a moisturiser or body oil. 




Length- 12.5cm

Depth- 4.5cm


*Our postage is calculated on weight. You can take advantage of this and add two of this product with no added postage costs.

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