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If you've ever visited The Hive or used the Metrolink via Altrincham, you'll probably be familiar with the two empty looking shops adjacent to The Hive.

For the last decade they have been used as storage units for an Irish Music company (Take a look inside on YouTube). But thanks to the crowdfunder we launched in 2023, we have been able to sign a 10 year lease with an option to buying them. So the transformation is now well underway! 


About the project ... 

Take a look around the 360 mockup we've made to visualise how the space will be used!

The main idea we've been working towards and the one that sparked the campaign, is to create a coffee shop in the two shop units, with a deli area to stock Italian deli products, as well as locally sourced provisions such as: 

  • Local dairy milk (sold via a refill dispenser)

  • Oat & Coconut milk 

  • Local farm fresh eggs

  • A selection of locally baked bread

  • Luxury loose chocolates & truffles

  • Jarred goods, oils & dressings

  • Pastas & Flours

  • Seasonal locally grown flowers

With your help we will create a new space where our current regulars; along with new patrons can source quality provisions, as well as enjoying breakfast, lunch and small plate options in an area suitable to gather and socialise in all year round, regardless of the weather!

The coffee shop area will be a space where people can come to either spend some time alone with a book, socialise with old friends or meet new acquaintances; whilst enjoying a cup of their favourite beverage. The expansion will allow us to expand our menu to include alcoholic drinks, as well as hot and cold sandwich options for breakfast or lunch and small plate snacks.

The expansion will also allow us to host a variety of local events on set evenings. We already have locals waiting to host book clubs, yoga classes, flower workshops, table styling events, language lessons and bingo / quiz nights to name but a few. We will also pay your kindness forward, by offering the space out for FREE one evening a month to other small businesses, event hosts or community groups.

32 Grosvenor Road, Altrincham - 1960's local shop.jpeg
32 Grosvenor Road, Altrincham -  1950's Butcher.jpeg
32 Grosvenor Road, Altrincham - 1950's Greengrocer.jpeg

About The Hive as it is

and as it was!

The Beverage Bar is approaching its 2nd anniversary and the General Store & Beverage Bar both continue to grow in popularity as a place where the local community can meet and socialise over drinks.

We have also become a convenient location for many people to buy their weekly provisions, such as our eco friendly refills, plastic free hardwares, natural bath and body care items and Williams Handbaked goods.

The last 18 months have seen our strong work ethic rewarded with mentions in the press and several awards. Our proudest being those voted for by the public: Business of the Year 2021, Hospitality of the Year 2021 and Micro business of the year 2022 in the Altrincham and Sale Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. We were also rewarded with the Travellers' Choice 2022 by Tripadvisor.


Our "edge of centre" location, means we are convenient for Altrincham office workers and public transport users; whilst also being in the heart of a fabulous residential neighbourhood.


During the 20th century, the two shops were home to various well known businesses such as:

  • Lesley Sparkes' greengrocers, butchers and provisions

  • Alan Merrill's greengrocers & butchers

  • The Butterworth's bakery and confectionery

  • Rona & Benny's antique shop

  • Dorothy Jackson's DIY shop

  • Mrs Crawford's secondhand bookshop

  • Margaret & Tony White's pine shop

  • Jared Harris' Carpet shop

  • Lynn Bingham's "Zappy Pot Stop" shop

  • Martin Butterworth, online distributer of Irish CD's & DVD's.

Our aim is to restore the building to something that resembles how it would have looked during the 1950's / 1960's, but with our own style added to it! Whilst also providing the level of convenience it once did in its former life, again with our own twist that caters for current demand! 

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