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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

We wanted to let you know that whilst our shop (The Hive) could have remained open during the lockdown as Homeware Shops were exempt (Sch.2 Part 3 Para 28) we obviously had to put our safety, the safety of the wider public and the NHS first.

So we closed our doors on the 22nd March.

During the period of closure we made numerous change in our shop to make sure we were prepared for when we reopened.

We have been following government guidelines (Working safely during COVID-19 in shops) and implemented the following changes for our relaunch on the 30th May 2020.

  1. To limit the number of customers in The Hive at once.

  2. Installed automated hand sanitiser at the entrance to The Hive and at the till.

  3. Encouraging customers to shop alone where possible.

  4. Encouraging contactless payments where possible in store.

  5. Highlighed "hot spots" for areas that need cleaning regularly, including door handles, toy dispenser machine, sample candle jars, card reader machine.

  6. Reminding customers who are accompanied by children that they are responsible for supervising them at all times and should follow social distancing guidelines.

  7. Encouraging customers to wait in the yard when The Hive has a few people in store.

  8. Installed a new till area so we can provide assistance to customers whilst maintaining social distance.

  9. Provided staff with facemarks and gloves when / if they need to assist customers with heavy items.

We continue to ensure we follow social distancing rules strictly at all times whether it be at work, at home or whilst out and about. We are continually monitoring guidelines and ensuring The Hive is as safe as possible for you to shop in.

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