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antique carved wooden berber bowl from Morocco. Shop at The Hive by VH Interiors in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

Antique Berber bowl


This tactile wooden bowl was sourced from a recent buying trip to Morocco and is a rare find. 


The wood is from a palm tree and is entirely carved by hand from a single piece of wood.


These bowls were carved in the Atlas mountains by Berber people and were used to collect milk from Goats and Camels.


This particular bowl has some fantastic decorative carvings around the side of the bowl, which are entiry done by hand. This shows how much time and care went in to making this bowl and how well looked after it has been.


This is a beautiful bowl that shows tool marks where the bowl was carved and decorated by hand. There are a couple of chips in the rim of ther bowl but it is still in fantastic condition for its age. 


Measurments (approx)-


Height- 8cm

Width- 20cm



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