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Shop for DIY bath bomb kit. Make up to ten bath bombs by mixing fragrances, colours and natural extracts to your bath time.

DIY Bath Bomb Gift Set


Made in England, this gift set is designed to elevate your bath time experience and bring a creative side to bathing.

With this fun and exciting kit, you can create up to 10 bath bombs and experiment with various aroma combinations provided in the kit.

The process is simple and enjoyable. Just mix the included sodium bicarbonate, Himalayan salts and fragrances, then add roses petals and sugar shapes or salts into one of the moulds provided to shape your bath bomb.

Within an hour, you'll have 10 beautifully scented bath bombs ready to use. 


Unleash your creativity by mixing colours in different styles and blending various salts and fragrances to curate your ideal sensory journey. Consult the instructions guide for inspiration and create the perfect mood you desire.


DIY Kit Includes: Rose Petals, Sugar Fun Shapes, 500g Himalayan Salt, 200g Citric Acid, 2 Different Bath Bombs Moulds, 2 Amazing Scents, 3 Primary Dyes and Step by Step Instructions. 

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