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shop Japanese Hori Hori Garden knife trowel multi tool with sheath at The Hive by VH Interiors in Altrincham, Manchester

Multi purpose garden trowel / knife.


This multi-functional landscaping trowel has a curved blade that can be used for digging, sawing and chopping.


The metal blade runs the full length of the ergonomic hardwood handle which not only has a great Japanese look to it, but it is carefully balanced to reduce wrist fatigue.


The trowel center has markings to help gage depths which is useful for a number of tasks in the garden such as bulb planting.


One side of the blade is serrated and ideal for tough jobs such as sawing through roots and branches or hacking through overgrowth whilst the other side of the blade is smooth for cutting and slicing. There is even a twine cutter built into the blade.


Equipped with a heat-tempered, hollowback blade, full stainless steel tang, and comfortable walnut handle, this diverse garden tool is made to last. The design means that with simple twists of the wrist you can cut and lift out stubborn weeds in your garden.

  • Knife Age Verification

    By law, we are NOT permitted to sell a knife or blade to any person under the age of 18 (Criminal Justice Act 1988).

    It is illegal to sell knives, or other bladed products to customers under the age of 18. The Hive by VH Interiors cannot and will not sell to any age restricted items to a person under 18 years of age. 

    If you are attempting to purchase an age restricted product and are underage, your order WILL be cancelled. 

    Verifying Your Age Before Dispatch

    To verify your age for dispatch please email a picture of your proof of age which can be either your driver's license or passport to along with your order confirmation or order number - this is the quickest method to ensure your order is dispatched as soon as possible.


    Your proof of age MUST link to the name AND address placed on your order, if your proof of age DOES NOT display your address, we ask for you to send us additional proof of address such as a picture of a utility bill, phone bill, council tax bill or bank statement.

    Once we have received appropriate age verification from you, we will dispatch your order using the Royal Mail age verification service.  

    No orders will be dispatched until your age has been verified. Provided age verification will be kept on file, but not shared with any 3rd parties. 


    Verifying Your Age After Dispatch 

    An individual aged 18 or over must be present at the address upon delivery. Royal Mail practices Challenge 25 and the recipient will be required to present a Relevant ID to Royal Mail at the point of delivery. Failure to do so may result in the Age Verified Item not being delivered.


    Verifying Your Age On Collection

    If you are collecting the knife from our shop, we also practice Challenge 25 and you will be required to present ID to verify you are over 18.


    Basic laws on knives

    It's illegal to:

    • sell a knife to anyone under 18, unless it has a folding blade 3 inches long (7.62 cm) or less
    • carry a knife in public without good reason, unless it has a folding blade with a cutting edge 3 inches long or less
    • carry, buy or sell any type of banned knife
    • use any knife in a threatening way (even a legal knife)


    In Scotland, 16 to 18 year olds are allowed to buy cutlery and kitchen knives.

    Lock knives

    Lock knives are not classed as folding knives and are illegal to carry in public without good reason. Lock knives:

    • have blades that can be locked and refolded only by pressing a button
    • can include multi-tool knives - tools that also contain other devices such as a screwdriver or can opener

    Good reasons for carrying a knife or weapon

    Examples of good reasons to carry a knife or weapon in public can include:

    • taking knives you use at work to and from work
    • taking it to a gallery or museum to be exhibited
    • if it’ll be used for theatre, film, television, historical reenactment or religious purposes, for example the kirpan some Sikhs carry
    • if it'll be used in a demonstration or to teach someone how to use it

    A court will decide if you've got a good reason to carry a knife or a weapon if you're charged with carrying it illegally.


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