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small decorative hanging tile from Tamegroute Morocco in green. The Hive by VH Interiors in Altrincham, Greater Manchester

Lucky Tamegroute talisman


These lucky talismens are made in Tamegroute in Morocco. This village in southern Morocco is famed for its pottery that is made with distintive green and mustard yellow glazes.  


These beautiful pieces have been made by three individual artisans. 

The first one makes the clay tile in Tamegroute with its distinctive glaze.

The second artisan binds the tile in to solid brass and adds a hanging loop, and finally the third artisan chisles the lovely shapes in to the tile itself.


Hang these decorative peices around the home to invite love and luck your way.


Choose from four designs:


Love heart



Bee (Make exclusively for The Hive!)


Measurments (approx)


5cm x 5cm

Thickness 1.5cm

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