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Shop for Moroccan vintage brass tea caddy, storage tin. The Hive by VH Interiors in Altrincham, Greater Manchester

Moroccan Brass Tea caddy


These beautiful tea caddies have been sourced on our latest buying trip to Marrakech, Morocco.


Each tea caddy is hand crafted from solid brass, with nothing more than an anvil and a hammer to shape them. Some of these containers are beautifully decorated to the side, or show craftsmanship through slight dimpling, which can be seen on the brass where a hammer has hit them in to shape.

They were found in the souk where our friend Amal told us that these vintage pieces would have been used to store dried tea leaves or even sweets in some households.


The tea caddies all have lids that are secured with a hinge, which is also made by hand by folding brass sheet metal.


These decorative vintage pieces make great storage items and can be used to store many items at home.




Large tea caddy :

Height - 19.5 cm

Width (Measured from the centre of the item) - 8.5


Small tea caddy with no decoration :

Height - 15.5 cm

Width (Measured from the centre of the item) - 8 cm


Small tea caddy with decoration to the side :

Height - 14.5 cm

Width (Measured from the centre of the item) - 8.5 cm


Hexagonal tea caddy :

Height - 15 cm

Width (Measured from the centre of the item) - 10 cm


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