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hand made oak picture poster hanger by Creamore mill. The hive by VH Interiors in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

Oak poster hanger


These beautiful Oak poster hangers are designed and made in a woodturning workshop located in rural Shropshire, England. Each one is made using seasoned or kilned Oak from well managed and sustainable forests across Scandinavia, North America and Europe.



Each poster hanger comes with a top and bottom Oak bar, each has strong magnetic grips designed to work with any poster, print, photograph or fabric. The design means no adhesive tape is required, so this hanger set is infinitely reusable and quick to change.



They are also supplied ready to hang with a fixed cord to the top bar and a brass headed picture pin.



Available in 2 sizes:



8.5" (216mm)

12" (305mm)


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