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Shop for reclaimed vintage Indian chakki table. Low side table or candle holder. The Hive by VH Interiors, Altrincham.

Reclaimed Chakki Table


This classic Indian table is known colloquially as a chakki. Its low height and timeless style makes it easy to style in most decor themes.


Chakki tables are repurposed rice grinding mills from villages in Rajasthan or Gujarat. Originally used with quern stones for grinding wheat or other grains. 


These petit sized tables offer an easy styling solution, as they can be used as a small and low side table or placed upon a larger table as a centrepiece. 

We like to style ours at home with some church candles placed in the centre of it.


We have two sizes available in the same colour and style.


These are vintage pieces so please expect to see some knocks and chips in the wood, simply adding to the rustic character.


Measurements (Approx)


Small table

Height - 15 cm

Width - 30 cm


Medium table


Height - 18cm

Width - 38 cm

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