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hand made recycled glass tumbler in pale green. Shop The Hive by VH Interiors in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

Recycled glass Tumbler


These eco-friendly tumblers are made from 100% recycled glass and are a subtle and natural turquoise colour.

Each piece is mouth blown in to shape and may contain tiny bubbles and slight variations, which only add to the charm and hand crafted nature of each piece.


These tumblers are fine glass and have a stunning rippled detail towards the base.


Glass is one of the most sustainable products on Earth and can be re-used endlessly without reducing its quality.

Choosing these recycled glass tumblers over new ones is a small step in to making our planet a more sustainable place to live.

The recycling process of glass is a perfect circle and a clear example of sustainability.

A lower temperature is needed to melt the glass and a lot of energy is then saved.

Residues going to landfill are dramatically reduced and extractions of sand and raw materials are minimized.

The saved energy in recycling 3 bottles is enough to:

Charge a smartphone battery for one year.

Maintain a low consumption light bulb on for 9 days

It is equivalent to the energy needed for 3 cycles of a washing machine


Height 9cm

Diameter 7.5cm

We recommend hand washing these glasses.

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