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large rustic green pottery spoon / ladle with wooden handle, from Tamegroute Morocco. The Hive in Altrincham, Manchester

Tamegroute spoon / Ladle


These stunning spoons were sourced from Marrakesh on one of our recent buying trips to Morocco. 


The pottery section of the large spoon is made in Tamegroute in southern Morocco. This village is famed for its rustic green pottery pieces.


These pottery spoons have been mounted on to a rustic handle of untreated lemon tree wood.

Each one is hand carved to fit the specific pottery ladle.


These are fantastic decorative pieces and are rare to find in the souks.

Please expect to find small marks and indentations in the pottery as each piece is made by hand. This only adds to the rustic appearance and character of each piece. 



Length in total - 34 cm

Pottery spoon - 10.5 cm wide x 4 cm deep.


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