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Wooden incense burning tower. The Hive by Interiors in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

Wooden Incense stick holder


This decorative wooden tower is a wonderful way to burn incense and contain the ashes that are produced from them.


These incense holders have been handcrafted in India by a cooperative of woodworking artisans. Each piece is decorated with ornate cut out patterns that resemble star anise spice.


These ornate holes are not just decorative, they serve an important purpose to burning your incense sticks, allowing air to enter the tower and burn the incense sticks slowly, the top star anise patterned hole at the very top allows the scented smoke to escape at a calming slow pace.


These incense holders can be used with either incense sticks (up to 4 sticks) or incense cones.


The ashes from the incense sticks are contained in the tower, meaning that they are less messy than standard holders too.


*You can add 10 of our hand rolled incense sticks to be included with your purchase to get you started! Scents will be chosen at random and range from sweet scents such as strawberry or peach, to more traditional scents such as sandalwood or nag champa.




Height- 30cm

Width- 7.5cm

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